Friday, November 25, 2011


Our thanksgiving was wonderful. (Hope yours was, too!) As usual, everyone pitched in and brought a dish or two and we had a gourmet feast of yumminess. But the food, really, I could have done without. It paled in comparison to the remainder of the evening.....
After dinner my grandmother pulled out a giant box of old family photos and we all sat around on the floor for hours and pawed through them. We laughed, and reminisced, and gasped in horror at hideous outfits and hairdos, and shared memories evoked by still life images, frozen in history through the lens of a camera.
Family is one of those things you can never replace. After all, who else remembers when you had that frizzy perm with 3 inch-high bangs and frosty blue eyeshadow and still loves you anyway?

If you forgot to tell your family how much you love them this week, maybe you should do it now.

p.s. - I meant to take some great photos to show you our turkey day feast, but with all the family fun I never even took my camera out. Sorry! :-(

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