All About Me, Myself And I

Grew up in an amazing family with loving parents, a great younger sister and too many blessings to count. Graduated high school, went off to college in a big, scary world and got a little off track. Started living for myself and making bad decisions - then letting those decisions define who I was. Fast forward seven years: met a wonderful, Christian man who fell in love with searching, mixed-up, little-old me. Made the best decision of my life by marrying him and today we live in a cozy house, smack-dab in the middle of town, that I love to decorate. I also enjoy cooking, scouring thrift stores for great finds, writing, taking long naps on  Sunday afternoons, and hanging out with the a fore-mentioned amazing family. I work full-time as a nanny, go to school at night, and spend a lot of time working on loving my husband, and God, better than I did yesterday. (Whew! - Lucky for me, even when I don't do a good job with that, they never give up on me!)