Why I Blog

I love the picture of a wife that Proverbs 31 paints. (If you missed it, read Proverbs 31 now.) When you read it you get a terrific idea of the type of woman, and wife, and mother that God wants us to be. A woman that is beautiful to her husband, not just superficially, but for her wisdom and her character. Who makes sensible decisions, is never lazy, and readily extends herself to those who are in need. A woman who radiates happiness and nobility and, above all, loves the Lord. Who wouldn't want to be married to that woman, right? Or be friends with her, or related to her. Or even just bump into her at the grocery store!

(giant sigh) So why does it seem so impossibly hard for me to be that way?

Most nights, by the time I have worked nine hours, ran errands, cooked dinner, stared at the mound of laundry in the bedroom, washed the dishes (on a good night), and made lunches for the next day, all I want to do is collapse on the sofa and do nothing. Or have somebody give me a long massage. I don't feel much like being wise, or charitable. My 'beauty' consists of sweatpants and a ponytail and I am fairly certain my level of 'radiating happiness' is in the gutter. Not really what Proverbs is getting at.....

So, I figured, what else was there to do but blog about it? I know there has to be other women out there in the same boat as me - living our lives in a constant conundrum. How are we supposed to be responsible stewards of our families money when 'keeping up with the Joneses' is a constant temptation? How do we fulfill the desire within ourselves to look beautiful, and be pleasing to our husbands sight, yet still 'dress modestly, with decency and propriety' as instructed in 1 Timothy 2:9? (Especially in today's society when we are constantly being bombarded with beauty ads, and magazine-perfect models, telling us what we need to be beautiful!) And how are we supposed to find the time and the energy, to be a servant to our family through meals, and a clean home, and tender care when working outside the home is required to supplement the family income?* 

Welcome to my journey towards the woman, and wife (and friend, relative, coworker, grocery store customer!) that I desire to be.

*Disclaimer: While I wish it did, this blog doesn't actually hold any of the answers to these questions. That's because I don't know the answers. I am still looking for them. So, if you have them, please write to me! Me, and my, blog would appreciate it....